What is Financial Stress? Do you have it?

What is Financial Stress? Do you have it?
by Lora Fickett

Many people ask me as a Financial Stress Reduction® Coach, what is Financial Stress exactly and how do you reduce it? Stress in my opinion is anything that weighs on your mind. Once you address whatever the issue is, the stress dissolves. So how do you reduce financial stress when finances are a part of every day life? Well, financial stress is when you have issues: debt, not enough saving, thoughts of going broke or not having enough, etc. etc. and you don’t address them, either because you don’t want to, or you don’t have the right tools to address them. I give clients the right tools to address any financial concerns that approach them in life.

So, do you have financial stress? Yes, everyone does. That doesn’t mean you can’t reduce it to the point where it’s not that stressful or harmful to your health and relationships. Work on your thoughts about money, as they are so powerful. Seek help to tackle patterns that you want to break. When you have a flat tire, it’s stressful. When you get a new tire and replace the flat, the stress is gone. Start to reduce your financials stress today and you’ll be glad you did forever. If you can’t do it on your own…ask for help!

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