The Sun is Always Shining, Visualize It!

The Sun is Always Shining, Visualize It!

by Lora Fickett

Visualization technique:

Is the sun is always shining?  Or sometimes does it rain, snow, sleet, hail?  The answer is yes to both!  How is that possible you say. I live in New England where most people feel the weather is unpredictable.  I prefer days when I can see the sun shining and I am able to bask in it’s warmth.  However, some days (especially this spring) it rains and I can’t see the sun shining.  Just because I can’t see the sun shining, doesn’t mean it isn’t shining each and every day.  In fact, the sun is always shining, it’s just sometimes my view of those fabulous rays are blocked by clouds.

On days when your view is blocked, close your eyes and picture the sun shining down on you, feel it’s warmth and light.  In your mind you can visualize a day when there are no clouds and nothing in the way.  Visualization is a powerful tool.  When you start to visualize the things you want in life they start to appear.  So let’s start practicing visualization and make sure the sun on is always shining for us.  Who knows, maybe in a future blog we’ll move on to visualizing something more…

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