Do Something Different! A Lesson Learned From a 4 Year Old

Do Something Different!  A Lesson Learned From a 4 Year Old

by Lora Fickett

I’m a reader, and often the books I read have topics that revolve around finances.  I’ve read authors that tell you to save, cut your spending, live with as little money now and pay everything off and you can have freedom later.  Other authors have written that you should work hard to make more money so you can live above your means, who wants to live within or below?  Then there are some that give you the advice to invest in the market, other’s say real estate, some say coins, gold, businesses or commodities.  How do you possible know what you should do to get ahead in life with everyone saying something different?  You must find the commonality in all that chaos.  It all boils down to two words…do something different!

You are doing a bunch of things right?  Going to work, taking care of your family, mowing the lawn, eating a few meals a day, watching television, hopefully going on vacation and the list goes on and on.  However, what are you doing this month that you didn’t do last month?  What are you doing this year that’s different than last year?  If you find those questions are hard to answer, then do something different!  The point of all the books I read in relation to getting ahead with your financial picture are education and motivation.  I myself coach privately and in a group setting via an 8 week workshop with the focus on increasing your financial IQ to help you make more money, manage it better and retain it to build wealth.  However, none if it will work if you do the same things as yesterday.  You must do something different, take the concepts I coach you on and apply them.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the day with my 4 year old son today.  He has taught me a valuable lesson.  He is constantly doing different things.  He is increasing his intelligence everyday by doing something different and every day he gets bigger, smarter, funnier!  Today he has learned that if he wears his Superman cape, he feels like he can run faster.  He has looked at letters on the refrigerator and tried to figure out what sound each one makes.  He has put a leash on his dinosaur toy and walked him around the house.  Do you know what he’s going to do tomorrow?  i don’t know exactly either, but he will do something different and he will learn something new.

So take a workshop, read a book , go to a seminar, learn something new about money and implement what you’ve learned.  Do Something Different!!!

lora fickett

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