5 Ways to Have Low Cost Fun

5 Ways to Have Low Cost Fun

by Lora Fickett

People frequently ask me how to do this when it seems that everything is so expensive these days.  Everyone has a different idea of what is low cost and what is fun, so this is a difficult question to answer.  My immediate answer is to plan accordingly to reduce cost.  Here are some examples:

  1. Food and drink are always budget killers when going out, so plan accordingly to avoid these costs if you are trying to save.  You could eat dinner first, then go to the movie.  You could go to the show and head back to a friend’s house or your own place with friends to have snacks and drinks.  When you go away, cook the simple meals, like breakfast or lunch and you save time and money.  You will still get to enjoy eating out for dinner.
  2. Find creative activities instead of the same old ones that cost $$$.  Organize a hike with friends, or bike ride if that’s your thing.  Many outdoor activities can be low cost or free.  Outdoors not your thing, want to stay indoors?  A friend of ours just recently hosted a murder mystery night in their home, low cost fun!!!   Board game night, movie night in, join a book club, host a home party where the hostess gets things for free.  Think outside the box!
  3. Museum passes from a library are a great way to save and enjoy activities especially with kids.  My local museum actually has Friday nights for 4 hours free and so if I plan to go one of those nights it’s not even low cost – it’s free!!  Other museums give passes to the local library for free entry or reduced price.  Library cards are free and then you can take advantage of these savings.
  4. Water is fun for most people.  i know for me, just being by the water can be a stress reliever.  Want an inexpensive date night?  Hop in the car and drive to some water, whether you are sitting by a lake or on the beach, it can be romantic and most people can find water within an hour drive.  You bring the snacks, a blanket, perhaps some bug spray and all you have to pay for is gas (and a sitter if you need one).  When was the last time you laid back, relaxed and just gazed up at the stars?
  5. Split it.  A friend of mine and I decided a long time ago to go away on vacation together once a year.  We split the room, we split the rental car and it turns out to be a lower cost trip away.  Have a lot of friends?  Plan and organize a weekend away camping or rent a vacation home and split it 5, 6, 7 ways depending on your group.  When you spend a little time organizing things like this and splitting the cost, you can have a lot of FUN without depleting your FUNds!

Be creative, plan ahead, organize group activities and you can enjoy some low cost fun!!

lora fickett

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