Giver’s Game

Givers Game
by Lora Fickett

It’s the beginning of July and its time to do something different this month and play the Giver’s Game. It’s a game that I’ve made up where the beginning of every month you put $10, $20 or whatever you can afford to give away in your wallet. Then by the end of the month, you MUST give this money away to strangers as you are out and about. Next month, do the same. It’s not meant to replace your normal charitable giving, it’s meant to “pay it forward”. So when you are in line at the coffee shop, at the grocery store, anywhere, pay for the person in front of you or behind you. Last month I was at a class that I normally take and I paid for one of the people there. They were at first confused as I don’t know them, then they smiled and said thank you. I like to think that smiled lasted for at least part of the day and maybe impacted the other people that man came in contact with.

I take this game to the next level if I can. When I’m out and I have a coupon I can’t use, I give it away to help a stranger save money as well. Last week, I brought my children to an amusement park where we have season passes. Last week we had “bring a friend free” coupons on our passes. Of the 3 of us, we only had one person we were bringing, as a young couple approached the line they asked if this was where you buy tickets. I said, no, but if you don’t have tickets please join us and we will get you in for free. That couple was skeptical at first, but joined us. They were overjoyed at the fact that they would be saving $136!! I’m pretty sure by the smiles on their faces, the smiles lasted a long time and their joy was spread throughout the day. They may in-fact still be talking about this stranger that saved them a large amount of money. My children have relayed this story to their friends as well, so I’m teaching them a valuable lesson for FREE!

Try it, it’s a fun and fulfilling game. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, just a little to create a random act of kindness. Play Giver’s Game and feel free to share this blog post with your friends so they can play too!

lora fickett

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