Focus to Succeed

Focus to Succeed

by Lora Fickett

If you watch professional sports you know the moment the receiver in football drops the pass, he lost his focus.  The moment the puck is passed and the player misses it, he lost focus.  When an archer takes her eye off the mark, the arrow misses the spot.  Losing focus is what causes all of us to not be as successful.

Have you just bought a new car and now it seems that everyone on the road has the same new car as you?  It’s because you gained focus on that vehicle and there are no more of them on the road than before, you are just noticing them because you are more focused on them.  How about when you are reading a book and fully engaged?  Do you remember everything you read?  Yes.  But what if there are distractions?  You may read the same paragraph over and over again.

Being focused is how you succeed.  What you focus on expands, so do you want to be focused on the good things in life or the bad?  The goals or the failures?  The mistakes or the wins?  It takes practice and effort, but if you start to change your focus you will truly change the outcome of events.  What is it that you want this month, this year, in five years?  Write it down, read it often, stay focused on those goals.  Stay focused when it’s raining, stay focused when it’s sunny, stay focused when your tired, sad, depressed, and stay focused even when it seems impossible.  When the thoughts of doubt creep into your head, replace them with thoughts of success.  If you should make a mistake or fail, focus on the lesson learned and how you have gained valuable experience to help you achieve your goals.  Life is a journey, enjoy it while you are on it and stay focused on the destination.

Stay focused, stay positive and you will succeed!

lora fickett

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