Customer Service – Differentiate Yourself

Customer Service – Differentiate Yourself

by Lora Fickett

At a recent networking meeting, a friend of mine, Pete Sabettini, shared some tips on how to provide excellent customer service.  He uses these principles daily in his management of Litttleton Storage Solutions, Littleton, MA.

Follow these 9 steps for excellent customer service in your business:

  1. Dealing with a difficult problem should be seen as an excellent opportunity to create a strong bond with a potential long-time associate or customer. How you treat the situation is very important, so do the very best to help resolve the issue without a high cost to your Company.
  2. After I meet with a new or prospective customer send them a hand written note thanking them for the time they took to meet with you.
  3. Confirm which mode of contact the person wants to be contacted; phone call, email, text message etc. Do it the way they would like.
  4. Always respond quickly and appropriately in a timely manner to a request, and if it will take time to get the information requested make sure they are aware and okay with the timetable you are offering.
  5. It’s better to spend a little money up front and keep a good customer, but know when to cut ties if need be.
  6. The people who tend to ask for an exception tend to request them always, so be very careful breaking your rules.
  7. Keep detailed notes on issues good or bad, sometimes you can use the information to help in other situations.
  8. Own your mistake it will help in moving on quicker.
  9. Even if you meet with someone that doesn’t result in business for you, try to find out what type of customer or vendor they are looking for so you can possibly help them for their own business, and follow up with a thank you note.

Thank you Pete for sharing this valuable information, it differentiates you from your competitors and hopefully will help us all differentiate us from our competitors!

lora fickett

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