How Can I Afford a Vacation?

How Can I Afford a Vacation?

by Lora Fickett

Summer is here and people are taking time off to go on vacation.  Some people are headed to exotic locations, perhaps the Caribbean is calling you, maybe Disney is your thing, but no matter where you are headed the two things you need to first consider are time and money even before location.  Many clients ask me, how can I afford a vacation?  Or maybe you take a vacation and figure out how to pay for it later! For some that are stressed in their job or that have limited time with their family, my answer is, how can you afford not to take a vacation?  So here are some thoughts about how to afford a vacation no matter where you are in life:

You are single – This can be a great time to do a low cost vacation if you can get a group to go with you.  It doesn’t have to be a large group just 2 or 3 other people will do.  Split the cost of the lodging, split the cost of the rental car or gas if you’re driving and you can save a ton of money!

You are married, no kids – So here, you don’t want to share a room with someone, but how about your house?  There are people around the globe that will swap houses with you for a week, so you can stay in their location and they can stay in yours.  So, maybe that’s too much out of your comfort zone, find locations you can drive to (cut out airfare), possibly have a kitchenette (cut out going out to dinner every night) and focus on an affordable location.  It may not be the all-inclusive luxury vacation you want, but it’s affordable.

With kids – I know from having 4 kids of my own that some of the most fun times we’ve had haven’t costed a dime.  Children, especially young children, don’t care how much a place costs, they just want to spend time with you.  A trip to Disney might cost $5,000-$10,000 or more, and sure it will be fun, but you could also take a little bit of money and invest in some camping gear and have fun at the many camp grounds in the country.  Personally, I’d rather rack up the memories than the frequent flier miles.

Older with grown children or no children – Maybe by now you’ve accumulated friends or family across the globe, go visit them.  You may have developed good friends that you wouldn’t mind taking a couple’s vacation and sharing a room and rental car with.  Or perhaps you’d just like a stay-cation and do day trips while getting things done at home.

The moral of this story is, take time off, find a way to have an affordable vacation without going into debt, and relax.



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