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Lora Fickett, CPA, MBA is a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach.  For years she has worked with Corporations to coach employees to reduce their financial stress making them more productive at work, increasing retention thus decreasing the turnover rates, and allowing employees to be happier, healthier and loyal.  She works with executives and business owners to increase their sales, focus on better money management and make better business decisions.  For individuals, Financial Stress Reduction is a must in order to lead a happy, healthy, successful life.
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“I made fundamental shifts in my attitude towards money and my ability to envision, control, and enrich both my business and personal fiances.  This course is hands down the best Investment I have ever made.” Amy

“After taking the class, and using the debt elimination system, I immediately stopped using my credit cards, got a handle on my debt and tripled my income!.” Heather


“Thank you so much for teaching me the Financial Stress Reduction® Class.  I had learned a lot and find myself noticing the negative thoughts and when I do they disappear.”  “I was entering all my deposits and invoices in Quick Books last night (I was a few months behind since work has been so busy) I doubled what I did last year.  Ever since the class work has been flowing in..”  Jan Pacific – Abbey Water Treatment, Inc.